“I’m worried about the climate crisis but I’m not sure how I can help.”

Below is our answer on how to get started. These are our community-suggested resources for delving into different areas of the climate problem. Resources are grouped into three categories: climate careers, climate solutions, and climate support. Within each category are starter packs. A starter pack is:

  • A collection of no more than 4-5 resources
  • Quality over quantity
  • Expert validated and credible
  • Helped someone unaffiliated with the resource with their transition into working in climate

Our hope is that a starter pack will provide the tools you need to understand the landscape of climate solutions and figure out how you can help.

Climate Careers

💼 Get a job starter pack


This is the go-to climate job board.

Climate Change Jobs

A UK-specific climate job board.

Carbon Removal Jobs

A job board and newsletter for the carbon removal sector.

Nature tech jobs

A job board focused on tackling the biodiversity crisis.

Leventov’s Guide

(and the new edition) — A software engineer wrote a guide on finding a climate job with links to many directories.

Climate-Tech List

a list of high-growth climate startups where software is a key part of the business.

Climate Tech Careers

A curated list of resources about how to get a climate job.

Breaking into Climate as a Mechanical Engineer

Read this guide written by WoCl community member Grace Li!

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Data Job in Climate

A guide written by WoCl members Troy Hodges and Tammy Tseng

PM Climate Guide

A guide for PMs written by the WoCl #role-product-managers subcommunity

🎉 Success Stories starter pack

Work On Climate Success Stories

Watch panels with WoCl members who have found climate jobs in different roles!

🌟 Climate entrepreneurship starter pack

My Climate Journey podcasts

Entrepreneur Jason Jacobs interviewed many climate founders about their journeys.

Climate Tech VC

has a weekly mailing list with interesting interviews and funding opportunities.


This database has a list of 300+ climate investors.

Startup Resources

Library by Third Derivative and New Energy Nexus contains resources on many topics, from legal and IP to customer discovery, to getting government funding for climate projects.

Climate Solutions


🌊 Oceans starter pack


is a community of technical people and resources interested in ocean carbon dioxide removal (recommended by a marine ecologist). Intro video about how it works.

Carbon Removal Academy Oceans Unit

Learning resources at three different levels of sophistication on biotic and abiotic ocean CDR, as curated by John Sanchez.

💵 Climate Finance starter pack

Carbon Tracker

Unbiased reports from financial analysts on how the corporate world is helping (or not) with climate the effort.

Climate Action 100+

The major investment conglomerate enacting change through shareholder activism. Partnered with Ceres. Cassandra Xia wrote a summary (May 2020).

Jigar Shah

The climate finance guy. Popularized purchase power agreements and project finance.

🤠 Regenerative agriculture starter pack

Rodale Institute – Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

An introductory whitepaper by the Rodale Institute, who are legendary in the organic agricultural space and are helping launch the Regenerative Organic Certified label.

Regeneration International

Covers the basics of Regen Ag, including why it’s needed and how it works. Includes videos and deeper dives into the practices.

Regen Ag Resource List

Constantly updated list of Regen Ag resources ranging from farms, technology, networks, to investors. Great place to find specific areas in the space.

Soil Health Primer

Created by the #NoRegretsInitiative another site to find interesting content on specific topics from overview, philosophy, soils, and more.

🤖 Climate and AI starter pack

Climate Change AI

A community dedicated to exploring applications of AI in climate, with an accompanying 100+ page comprehensive paper and frequent presence at major research conferences.

PAW Climate

A conference focused on private-sector applications of ML in climate tech, i.e. it answers the question “Where can an ML professional go to do commercial work on climate solutions”.

Videos published on our YouTube!

Climate Tech ML companies

A large list of climate companies that have deployed ML for fixing climate change.

🔋Energy starter pack

International Energy Agency

An autonomous OECD intergovernmental organization that is “committed to shaping a secure and sustainable energy future for all”. They have detailed analyses about nearly all areas of Energy (technologies, fuels, finance, countries). A good place to start is their World Energy Outlook report.

Energy Information Administration

For US-specific topics there is the US Energy Information Administration and their Annual Energy Outlook

Focus on sustainable energy

The IRENA’s report on the UN’s SDG 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”

Interested in batteries specifically?

Join the Battery Brunch community

Energy Learning Group

See the Work On Climate Energy Learning Group’s page for more resources

✍️ Learning starter pack

Zoe Samuel’s Climate Dossier

Zoe organized the 4,000+ climate group at Google. Here is her guide.

Climate Change Academy

A climate science curriculum at a number of different levels of sophistication, providing an overview of the space.


Structured online courses with international cohorts. Their flagship course ‘Learning For Action’ is a 12-week general, holistic introduction to the field.

Climate Support

📚 Get Started

Hal Harvey

This hour-long video can give you a dose of hope: it shows how one person can make a difference in climate policy if they are hyper-strategic.

Project Drawdown’s

Their go-to list of 80+ unique and surprising climate solutions can help you discover new climate solutions that you didn’t know existed, and help you prioritize which solutions to work on.

Breakthrough Energy

Bill Gates’s organization, gives a thorough and clear explanation of various U.S. climate solutions by sector and the challenges that each faces. (Note: some criticism of Bill Gates’ approach.)

💚 Friends starter pack


An active Slack community focused on greening the tech industry.

My Climate Journey

A well-known and high-quality community, but charges $10/month.

Effective Environmentalism

Facebook group of effective altruism (EA) minded folk. Posts pretty thoughtful links.

Airminers group

big list of companies working on removing carbon from the air. Also has an active Slack group.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Group

A lively Google Group of experts discussing how to remove CO2 from the air.

🏛️Climate Policy

Designing Climate Solutions

The go-to book about how to design effective climate policy by industry veteran Hal Harvey.

Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success

by Mark Jaccard. A good primer about policy and many of the myths around climate policy and how to overcome them.

Future Matters Project

is a German organization that does hyper strategic climate organizing by grounding their approach in psychology principles.

The World Economic Forum

shared this data on public attitudes toward climate policy.

🧠 Social Science

Social Science resources

Resources compiled by the Work On Climate social science learning group.

⚖️ Climate Justice

Climate Justice 101 Guide

A guide to understanding climate justice and applying it in your work, by the WoCl Climate Justice learning group.