Work on Climate

We are an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about wanting to work long-term on addressing the climate crisis.

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Our values

We focus on action

Get your hands busy with something, and boom, you're moving!

We are supportive

Celebrate and encourage the progress of others as your own, and scale yourself by mentoring others.

We team up

Don't go alone — work with different people, learn from each other, find someone you vibe with!

How it works


We provide a list of suggested tasks that you can use to seed your climate journey. Our tasks are sourced from our network of experts in the field, and each task is designed to help you begin start familiarizing yourself with interesting subareas of the climate problem. Each task offers extensions that allow you to develop a unique perspective.


We are not just a task list though. We are a supportive community that celebrates you and the actions you take. We want to be your social accountability device so that you are motivated to explore the space.


Our goal is to graduate as many community members as possible, moving them from the exploration phase into working in climate. If you want to start your own company, we provide the forum for you to meet like minded co-founders and work on projects together. If you want to join a company, we provide a jobs forum from our network of top climate employers.

Join us on slack