Work On Climate is building the workforce humanity needs to solve climate change equitably and justly. 

Bring your talent to working on climate, build your relationships in the climate work movement, and support others on their path.

Building a climate workforce faster than any industry. Ever.

It took 40 years for the software industry to grow to 25m people. We have just 7-10 years to grow ten times that size. 

The only way to build a workforce this fast, is to build on the skills we all currently have. 

Hundreds of millions people across all industries need to make this change, but we aren’t starting from scratch. By using what you already know, reshaping existing companies and adapting education programs, we can supercharge this transition.

But we can’t do this alone. Which is why the spark of this change is our community of passionate people working together to scale new ideas and help more people like themselves begin working on climate.

Our Impact to Date

As of April 2023, WoCl has helped more than 1,900+ members find work in climate and grown a community of more than 20,000 members in less than three years. The power of relationships and community has been key in this: members who found climate jobs were 2x more likely to have connected with others in our community – primarily through Slack, video calls, and our events.


People who found a job in climate


Community members


Expert mentorship sessions


Community-led events

The world’s largest and most
active climate community!

The Work on Climate community is a pretty special place, where I was able to learn aggressively about the climate crisis & climate tech, and also find so many different people sharing my interest in the challenge we need to solve. On top of this, I also got to know the amazing team at Reflective Earth in the community, with whom I partnered for 9 months as a Product Manager, enabling me to get a first taste of the space through a pro bono opportunity.

Work on Climate deserves all the credit to connecting Rich (co-founder) and I to build a new startup focused on soil health and regenerative ag using automation/robotics. Learning from a community with like-minded mission has been amazing.

I am really grateful to all the people I met through WoCl who gave advice and support along the way [towards finding my climate job], as well as the organizing team for creating and sustaining this community! WoCl is the first place I point anyone new who tells me they’re interested in working on climate. The resources are invaluable, but even more so are the energy & optimism in feeling like part of a community all aligned toward the same mission. 💚 Thank you!

This community has been an incredible place to share the job search with, and it made what can be a very alienating process feel like a team game. Shout out to my friend who turned me on to WoCl — literally changed my life – I’m still gonna hang around in this slack as a cheerleader/resume feedbacker and would love to connect with folks interested in chatting about sustainable farming incentives and underserved farms’ access to finance.

I’m all about connecting with like-minded individuals at Work on Climate who are taking conscious steps to protect our planet. As a UX designer stepping into climate tech, I’ve teamed up with energetic startup founders, experts, and volunteers to bring our ideas to life. Let’s make a change together!

Partners and Donors

Work On Climate is partnering with diverse organizations and professional communities to build the climate talent pipeline together. Our partners contribute ideas, their business power and influence, and funding to help us build the workforce humanity needs to solve climate change.