Resource Starter Packs

Start your journey with these curated resources

“I’m worried about the climate crisis but I’m not sure how I can help.”

Work On Climate can help! These are community suggested resources for delving into different areas of the climate problem. Resources are grouped into starter packs.

  • A collection of no more than 4-5 resources
  • Quality over quantity
  • Expert validated and credible
  • Helped someone transition into working in climate

Our hope is that a starter pack will provide the tools you need to brainstorm climate solutions and figure out how you can help. Do you have other resources to suggest? Did you take an action or learn something useful from a starter pack? Share it with us on #learn-the-space.

  • Hal Harvey can give you a dose of hope. This hour-long video shows how one person can make a difference in climate policy if they are hyper strategic.
  • Project Drawdown’s go-to list of 80+ unique and surprising climate solutions can help you discover new climate solutions that you didn’t know existed, and help you prioritize which solutions to work on.
  • My Climate Journey podcasts and Clubhouse talks. Entrepreneur Jason Jacobs interviewed 100+ climate experts and made podcasts and transcripts. Skim over the list of interviews to get a map of the space.
  • Breakthrough Energy, Bill Gates’s organization, gives a thorough and clear explanation of various U.S. climate solutions by sector and the challenges that each faces. (But see some criticism of Bill Gates’s approach.)

Find a meaningful new job!

Take care of your mental health in the climate crisis.

Are you thinking of starting a climate company?

Change. Hope. Let’s do this.

  • David Roberts is a beloved journalist who produces comprehensive summary pieces on climate policy.
  • Designing Climate Solutions is the go-to book about how to design effective climate policy by industry veteran Hal Harvey.
  • Future Matters Project is a German organization that does hyper strategic climate organizing by grounding their approach in psychology principles.
  • Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success by Mark Jaccard. A good primer about policy and many of the myths around climate policy and how to overcome them.

Moving beyond mitigation to removal.

Moving all atmospheric CO2 to the oceans would only increase ocean carbon by 0.5%

  • OceanCDR is a community of technical people and resources interested in ocean carbon dioxide removal (recommended by a marine ecologist). Intro video about how it works.
  • Carbon Removal Academy Oceans Unit — Learning resources at three different levels of sophistication, as curated by John Sanchez.
  • Greenwave is a non-profit dedicated to teaching underprivileged people how to farm seaweed. Did you know: seaweed is the fastest organism in the world at absorbing CO2?

Funding opportunities: Oceankind, Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Firstly, it’s pronounced fi-NANCE.

  • Carbon Tracker — Unbiased reports from financial analysts on how the corporate world is helping (or not) with climate the effort.
  • Climate Action 100+ — The major investment conglomerate enacting change through shareholder activism. Partnered with Ceres. Cassandra Xia wrote a summary (May 2020).
  • Jigar Shah — The climate finance guy. Popularized purchase power agreements and project finance.

Impact investors: PRIME Coalition, Generate Capital, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, Packard Foundation, Climateworks, Grantham.

More resources in Climate Finance.

Welcome to the world of Regen Ag.

Go with friends!

  • Climate Change AI is a community dedicated to exploring applications of AI in climate, with an accompanying 100+ page comprehensive paper and frequent presence at major research conferences.
  • PAW Climate is a conference focused on private-sector applications of ML in climate tech, i.e. it answers the question “Where can an ML professional go to do commercial work on climate solutions”. Organizers published all materials for free.
  • Climate Tech ML companies is a large list of climate companies using ML in production.

Other people have put together resource lists as well. Let’s go meta.

  • Zoe Samuel’s guide — Zoe organizes the 1000+ climate group at Google. Here is her guide. She’s on our Slack if you need to DM.
  • Climate Change Academy — A climate science curriculum at a number of different levels of sophistication, providing an actionable area of the space.
  • Cass and Eugene’s ideas list — List of ideas that Work on Climate team members Eugene Kirpichov and Cassandra Xia find promising. Comment on the doc or post your idea to #looking-for-buddies to collaborate.