Our Vision

We envision a world where climate change has been reversed completely, equitably, and justly; all of humanity’s work is climate-positive or climate-neutral; and humanity and natural ecosystems coexist and thrive in a harmonious, respectful relationship.

To achieve this world, we see a nearer future where organizations, governments, communities, and people direct much of their talent and labor towards working together on equitable and just climate solutions; climate-positive work is widely available, sought after, and celebrated; and everyone is empowered to work on climate.

Our Mission

Work on Climate is getting more people to work on fighting climate change through our programs, partnerships, and our positive and action-oriented community.

We foster collaboration, experimentation, knowledge-sharing, and broad awareness of the climate work ecosystem in order to unblock folks seeking to work on climate and inspire them to take action through job-seeking, entrepreneurship, volunteer work, or organizing with others.

Our Team

Eugene and Cass were two software engineers at Google who cared about climate but were unsure about how to make a difference. By connecting with each other and taking action, they gained the confidence to leave their jobs.

Eugene’s goodbye email went viral on LinkedIn reaching 500K views, where he met our third co-founder Eva, and bootstrapped the core team and community we have today.

Board and co-founders

Eva Illescas

Co-Founder and Product Designer

Jeremy Brewer

Chair of the Board

Cassandra Xia

Co-founder, formerly board member


Eugene Kirpichov

Co-founder, Executive Director, Board member

Nicole Sturzenberger

Director of Fundraising

Volunteer Team

Tilmann Böhme

Lead, Slack Experience Team

Forrest Brown

Marketing Team

Jessica Burley

Research Team (Workforce Insights)

Lena Burova

Events Team

Rob Chan

Community Ranger

Kyler Farr


Mel Hanna

Research Team (Community Insights)

Ovi Hentea

Slack Experience Team

Tegan Holly

Marketing Team

Keenan Johnson

Community Ranger

Lydia Le Page

Subcommunities Team

Joe Lisle

Lead, Data Team

Inbal Nachman

Lead, Marketing Team

Shuo Peskoe-Yang

Fundraising, Events Teams

Polly Peterson

Subcommunities Team

Anne Spalding

Subcommunities Team

Joshua Stehr

Research Team

Utkarsh Vaidya

Lead, Events Team

Emily Bieniek

Marketing Team

Thomas Lu, Subco

Thomas Lu

Subcommunities Team

Kasey Jackson

Kasey Jackson

Marketing Team

Chia Tan

Mentorship Team

Mitchell Hamilton

Mentorship Team

Jieyu Chan

Mentorship Team

If you would like to become a Volunteer at Work on Climate you do not need to have a climate background because we need a variety of skills common for startups such as marketing, business development, software engineering, operations, project management, user research, design and others.